The most noticeable difference from the 30 day yoga challenge!

It's not the abs and increased core strength... It's not the fact that one could break rocks on my glutes... It's not the leg and arm strength... It's not how long I can balance on one leg... not the increased flexibility...or how even and deep my breath is during practise now... Or even how relaxed and light I feel in mind and body... IT'S (drum roll please): 


It's so significant that when I realized I "started" (yes, TMI) my first thought was "surely I am hemorrhaging!"

Where was my internal rage?! Where was my complete distain for my reflection?! Where was my random crying of utter hopelessness?! Where was my resistance to everything and everyone?! Where are the giant pimples?! (Ok there's a few small ones.) Where were my sleepless, restless, stressed out nights?! Where were my feelings of being alone in a world of 7 billion people?! And where in the heck was my burning anger towards the man in my life?! 


Could yoga really be the cure of PMS? 

Flowing in body, breath, mind and soul has allowed space in my being for emotions and old patterns of fear to also flow. Instead of feeling stuck or blocked like I usually do 3 days every month, I'm going with the flow, literally! And it's amazing! I hope it lasts. I can't stop daily yoga now! Never! 

I feel so great. I am not perfect. I can still feel overwhelmed in a moment or two. But overall... I feel amazing. Like I am releasing and building strength in all areas of being. I am even spending more time with more people and being involved more and more. Feeling more confident and "o-k". 

This months PMS was actually the most creative I have felt in a long time. I walked through the woods at night under a full moon, I wrote some poems, blogs and started a kids book and I have actually started painting again! I'm awe-struck. And so very grateful. 

This was the perfect time of year for a 30 day yoga challenge! In the depths of winter where my depressed sense of life usually takes over. Not this month, tho! This may truly be the happiest February I have ever had. Like, ever. 

OM shanti! 

Next class is in a couple of hours...  Day 20! 

Can we make this a 365 day challenge please? ;) 

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