8 Things That Don't Annoy Me In A Yoga Class (that could annoy me outside of one)

Here are 8 things that Dont Annoy Me in A Yoga Class, that could annoy me outside of one):

1. Watch ticking 

     In previous years, (because it's been a few since I've heard a watch or clock ticking), this repetitive noise has sometimes driven me near straight-jacket-insane. 
    I would never own a clock that loudly ticked (I have one that is purely decoration because I removed the battery.) I stopped using watches, back when they were still useful, because the sound of them would make me want to punch them. (Thankfully my cell phone doesn't tick!) 
And there were times, while sleeping in other people's houses, where the ticking would be so loud I'd be near tears, contemplating taking the batteries out of their clocks! All of that mixed with such thoughts as: WHO HELL CAN STAND THIS?! DOES ANYONE REALLY NEED TO USE ANYTHING BUT DIGITAL?! EVOLVE DAMMIT! <--- because, sure, people with clocks were the problem, right? Lol 
     So when I lay in savasana and heard ticking from my mat neighbour, I giggled at what a foreign noise it is now! 
I noticed throughout class how my breath lined up with 5 ticks, on both the inhale and exhale. It offered something to focus my breath on. Which I think kept me from going insane or punching her watch. Evolution baby! 

2. Heavy breathing 

     Again, times in my life where, to avoid (prove?) insanity, I would have to leave rooms, plugs ears, or elbow sleeping partners because I couldn't stand the sound of loud breathing. (I can hear someone now as I type- annoying!) 
   But in a yoga class, it is beautiful. I take comfort in listening to someone relax and let go enough to deeply, loudly breathe the ocean sound of throat breathing called "ujjayi breathing". 
Instead of annoying me, it reminds me to relax and enjoy my own breathing. I love it! 

3. Sweat dripping down my face 

    This would normally cause me to cringe of embarrassment and run to the shower. But in a yoga class, especially a hot yoga class, I bask in it. Enjoying my sweat, I feel its benefits as it drips down my chin, chest, buttcrack. You know it's a good class when the buttcrack is sweating! 
My arms and legs become shiny and wet, my feet and hands near wrinkle. 
And the whole room is dripping in unison. It's such a beautiful thing! (It probably stinks to a new comer!)

4. Sweat dripping on me from someone else. 

    This would typically be cringe worthy in most other instances in life. But during a yoga class, where sweat means love, having a drip fall from my instructor right on my shirt means connection-- and means I am getting some yogi attention, receiving some guidance, lengthening, or adjustments in a pose... And that's one of my favourite things!

5. My thoughts 

    Sometimes these pesky things annoy me greatly, particularly just before sleep. 
But in a yoga class, they are a friendly reminder to come back to my breath. They remind me of the control I can have over my mind-- I can stop a thought right in the middle of it-- take THAT thought! Babaam! <-- in the words of my children. 
My practise really needs to come off the mat with this one... I need to harness the skill of letting go of thoughts all day every day. 
Sometimes, I kinda wish I could hear other people's thoughts instead of my own... That would add a lot more to the practise!  

6. Starring at myself in a mirror 

    This has, sometimes, made me very uncomfortable outside of class. I used to pick my appearance apart.  A big game of "count the flaws" would surely ensue. 
   But thankfully, my personal evolution, in that regard, has taken a giant leap... as if it slithered out of the water and suddenly took flight. 
 Now, I enjoy the human form that makes up the "me" that I am. Watching it moving through and holding postures. Making sure I'm aligning up, tucking in, reaching tall and gently smiling. 
   It's a beautiful thing to enjoy my body, my form, my face. And to play "spot the beauty" instead of "flaw". 
For once in my life, it's about what I see,  not what others see. Mmm that feels good!!

7. My kids

   I love them so much! They are so full of life... And during a yoga class, they are no where to be cleaned up after, tripped over, heard bugging each other or complaining, whining or asking me for junk food! I enjoy that. 

8. Technology! Thank Krishna we're not permitted cell phones in the yoga room. ;)


  1. Saw your post on YogaDork and wanted to read the post for myself. Very enjoyable. :) Looking forward to reading more from you.
    K.Stokes Smith

  2. Awe! Thank you so much K! That really made me smile :)