Eye contact: window shopping of the soul.

Eye contact is one of my favourite things. Connecting to the soul of a person, even strangers in passing, with the visual awareness. It can be intense; even a brief moment can reveal layers of love and truth.

Some times it is uncomfortable for people, though. Even sometimes I feel overwhelmed by some unexplainable force. With people close to me or strangers. I try to see what could be under that when I feel that way, use it as a means of self discovery.

I do this little eye-contact game when I go for walks in public places, try to make eye contact with everyone I meet. I get a lot of smiles and hellos, some people who hold it the entire duration of our passing, some who turn away quickly, some who I turn away from quickly, some who think I am flirting, some who think we have fallen in love, and some who feel threatened. I had one woman shout at me once: "what the fu*k are you looking at?!" I just smiled and said "sorry"... Sorry that my love for you made you angry, and I sent her some extra love. I had a man once turn around while holding eyes and he exclaimed "we are in love! I can feel it! Marry me, love?" It made me laugh and reply "yes, all of us are in love, it's the driving force of life!" And as I walked on he said "you've opened my heart and broken it all in a moment, I will never forget you."

I just feel a deep sense of love when I see anyone now. Friends, family, even complete strangers stir these feelings in me. I wonder of their stories. What makes them laugh, what makes them cry, what love and pain they have endured, even wonder what they eat, how they relax, where they've come from and where they're going. I have a simplistic, genuine interest in people.

Random conversations with strangers have always been a joy to me. I've heard some amazing stories from people I just meet.
And they all typically start with eye contact and a smile.

Try the "eye-contact game" next time you're walking, outside or through a store, see if it makes you feel lighter and more connected.
Seeing the good in people through their eyes. Letting them know its safe out here.
Add a Smile, too. It's good for us!

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