Peace Heart About Me

I am a human who is just getting started on the path of yoga, meditation and enlightenment. I have been studying yoga for several years. My practise is in its infancy stage, needing to be coddled and loved and spoken to in baby-talk. I don't have all the answers, I don't even have all the questions yet! I just know my heart is leading the way. Mistakes are inevitable and really quite entertaining. 
Finding people, teachings, books, films and music that I connect with, is important to me. I have a passion for things that guide me through the ideas of higher living, through connecting with mySelf. I don't want to be asleep throughout my entire life. I lived that way for too long. I want to wake up, live, connect, grow, believe there is a beautiful point to all of this life.  I like the idea of instant forgiveness. Of evolution, personal evolution, to tap into the collective evolution. I love trees, birds, lemons and pomegranates. I want to travel the world and meet everyone.  I like humour. I like to poke fun at my mind and it's limitations. Making jokes about this path and the things I need to encompass more of in my life. I try to express what I learn, in contrast to what I didn't know. As soon as I figure out a way to poke fun at what I dont know, I will do that, too.  I am a woman. A mother. A lover. A friend. A student of Yoga. A teacher of Yoga. I enjoy photography. I love people, find them strange and fascinating. I am a loner who craves community. I watch my mind as if observing wild animals in their natural habitat... watching it, waiting for it to do something, seeing it for the beauty it is, watching it's silly mistakes and its sometimes wild abandonment and instinctual reactions (which can be very messy at times). I have taken a 'healthy eating lifestyle' approach to food now (which is a massive personal evolution from chips, chocolate, pop and anything microwavable). I sometimes eat donuts, carmel popcorn, chicken strips and ice-cream. Though, I start my days with freshly squeezed lemon water and a green smoothie, so I forgive myself my self-labled "slip ups".  I love yoga. The bending, the sweating, the strength, the breathing, the love, the stretching of muscles I didnt know I had.  Life is a ride. I dont like roller coasters, but I love skydiving, so my life is like sky diving. With the long, rickety ride up to 10,000 feet, the rushy, adrenal-inducing speed of free falling, and the joyous gliding of  floating back down to solid ground. If I could, I would do nothing else but skydive. I wish I was a bird.  I love people and their brains, please leave some comments? <3 


  1. I love you and the way you express yourself <3
    Keep writing ....

  2. awe! thank you lady! xo love you too! <3