The yoga teacher said what, now?!

I once giggled for 15 mins of a yoga DVD because the teacher kept saying "chat" (said like "shat") (which is short for "Chaturanga Dandasana", which is long for "low push up"). 
The word "shat" in my part of the world means "to poop a little when you fart", and normally 'fart humour' doesn't giggle-my-funny much any more, not like it did when I was 10, or even when I was 16 or 21. I must have lost my fart-humour along the way. Whatever.
I was having a silly day that day.
So, hearing the word "shat" mixed in between beautiful Sanskrit words and English yogic poetry that day was enough to send me into a ridiculous giggle-fit. If there had been other people with me or if it happened in church, I would've been rolling on the floor by the end posture.
Sometimes yoga teachers say weird things.
Sometimes they (meaning "I" as well!) say things that stir the dirty-minded humour I fell helplessly in love with as a young, slightly rebellious girl. Some of the things I hear or say in a yoga class now, I wouldn't be able to hear without snickering or say without laughing back when I was young. 
I love comparing my mind to how it once was to how it is now. It's an obvious evolution. Evolution of humour. It's a real thing!
And then there are times, while I'm teaching, I will lose track of words, like "I'm not sure where I'm going with this".... sometimes something fitting pops up, or sometimes something not-so-fitting-but-enough-to-keep-going pops up, or sometimes, I run with the complete blank and cut it off with a "take a deep breath in" in hopes that no one noticed too much or will judge me about it. 
There are some other times, a word with a thick Newfoundland accent slips out by accident (like, "breeding" meaning "breathing". My lips or tongue sometimes remember its native tongue while I'm so focused on my breat' and posture that I forget how I talk.)  
I always assume people can giggle at the mistakes and silly-word slips.
On the other side of the spectrum, sometimes yoga teachers say the most beautiful things. One of my favourite quotes from one of my teachers is: let your mind fall into your heart. (Which actually could sound "weird" to some people! But to me: it is sweet perfection!)
What are some weird, funny or beautiful things you've heard (or said!) in a yoga class?

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