We gotta ask ourselves:

Do the things we focus our attention on benefit us and contribute to society in anyway?

  • Do the things we spend time doing or talking about or reading or watching or listening to or thinking, actually help anything? Do the things we give attention to have a greater purpose? Do they motivate us to be better people? Do they cultivate love and compassion in us? Do they make us feel relaxed, awed, in love with life? Do the things we experience and words we speak and think inspire us? Inspire other people? Do those things evolve our minds? Open our consciousness? Give us a sense of purpose?
    Or do the things we focus on hinder us somehow? Numb us? Make us fearful? Create tension in us? Cause unhealthy thoughts, feelings, desires? Do these things disable our creative minds with noise and clutter? Do they cause feelings of separatism? Entitlement? Judgement?
    Perhaps we all need to sit back and really begin to observe how the things we focus our energy on affects us, other people and the planet. 
    We must start with our thoughts.
    Being in a constant state of awareness can and will be exhausting for a while, especially in the beginning. Always seeing the deeper meaning behind everything. Maybe no one knows for certain if it's even worth it or not. Maybe being numb and idol is ok. Maybe what we do as humans doesn't affect anything in any special way. Maybe it's all pointless and we can just do whatever we want with no consequences whatsoever.  
    But I don't believe that.
    In evolutionary terms, human consciousness is in the beginning stages. We, as a spices, have only been around a few hundred-thousand years. Thats not a long time considering the billions of years of existence. Over the last few decades, a lot of us are starting to "wake up" together, becoming more aware of ourselves, our societies, our purpose, and our magnificence. Some are more awake than others. Some just stirring, rubbing the sleep from their eyes for the first time. What is all this "waking up" talk about anyhow? What does it really mean? (I dont think I will answer those questions here in this lil ol' blog, but I will ask them, anyhow.)
    I believe we are given the task of evolving the human mind. Allowing consciousness to see itself through us in, what seems to be, a whole new way. It's our purpose to make sure we take care of it, nurture it and allow it to thrive. 
    That will look different for different people. We each evolve in different yet very connected ways. We each have a purpose to find our individual and collective "awake states". Being here for each other, to thrive the earthly plain for all creatures. We need to wake up to see how we contribute to the pain, ignorance, and destruction of the planet. Any small change inside of us is a massive change and will cause chain reactions in ourselves and other people. We are lucky enough to have been blessed with a human mind, experiencing consciousness as we do. Exercise it. Don't let it get lazy and run on a default setting. No. Take control and be awake in mind. Really watch ourselves, the people around us, any and every thing that comes into our perceptions. Watch with love and evolution as our purpose. Be with it all, see any truths that are available to us in each and every moment and make choices as we go. Dream big, live simply (as complex as it all gets sometimes), love ourselves and others as if we are the same... because we are. 
    Surrender to trust. Trust to surrender.
    It will be exhausting sometimes. Sometimes we will fall down, flop on the floor, become disheartened by the pain, watch a stupid movie, eat a bag of chips, make pointless mind noise, perhaps yell at someone, we will react. We just have to think of the slip-ups on our path as shutting down, clues to specific charging stations, to re-boot, re-start and rev that soul-engine again and be further along the evolutionary path as soon as we wake up and start moving again. We must instantly forgive ourselves, let go, and Love the shut-downs as if we planned them with great purpose, because perhaps we do. Darkness is inevitable in a world full of light, one cannot exist without the other.
    One of my favourite quotes: "Be in a constant state of arrival and departure" (from the movie Waking Life). Always aware of the flow, the changing states of mind and moments of life.
    Be in a constant state of awake. Always waking up with the very next breath. 
    Exhausting yet invigorating.
    Trust it.
    Just let the love in.

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