The most noticeable difference from the 30 day yoga challenge!

It's not the abs and increased core strength... It's not the fact that one could break rocks on my glutes... It's not the leg and arm strength... It's not how long I can balance on one leg... not the increased flexibility...or how even and deep my breath is during practise now... Or even how relaxed and light I feel in mind and body... IT'S (drum roll please): 


Sweet Tears of Savasana

Mmmm... Savasana ...  That sweet, relaxing ending posture. 

Lay back. Lay still. Let the body and mind rest. 


Eye contact: window shopping of the soul.

Eye contact is one of my favourite things. Connecting to the soul of a person, even strangers in passing, with the visual awareness. It can be intense; even a brief moment can reveal layers of love and truth.

Live in the moment, repeat indefinitely.

"If you want to experience the joyous ecstasy that life offers, there is one commitment that is absolutely fundamental: the commitment to live in the moment. With that commitment as your guiding focus, whatever you do in your daily life is part of your transformational process. Your commitment to living in the moment becomes your vehicle for spiritual growth." -Amrit Desai


The Heart/Brain Continuum.


A friend of mine sent me the photo above as a way of explaining his trepidation of love.

The Want-To-Run-Through-The-Woods-Naked Urge: Like Grass Peeking Through the Pavement.

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Out for a late night walk.

That primal, want-to-run-through-the-woods-naked urge strikes as I notice grass peeking up through the cracked pavement.

Artistically Breathing

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It was one of those late night/early mornings.

The ones where the urge to be creative hits so tightly in the chest that her mind races.

30 Day Yoga Challenge!

When I started Moksha yoga a couple of months ago, I would day dream about going there everyday, heck I fantasize about moving in there––permanently!

This challenge is SO perfect!

Everyday for 30 days I get to do yoga with an amazing group of people, in an amazing, supportive, beautiful smelling atmosphere!


I am loving this. My mind, body and soul are up to this challenge!

Not only am I excited about the strength and flexibility my body will gain with doing a regular, intense practise everyday (because, I have been skipping days (and some weeks!) here and there over my yoga life lol), and I am expecting my mind to go through its own transformation, but it is said that a habit is formed and becomes ritual after 24 days– so I am looking forward to dedicating myself to daily practice and keeping it going long after the 30 days. This is a nice, sweet kick in the tush. 

And for an added bonus: I am connecting with people and making friends along the way, something I need more of in my life! 

Day 2 was today...  mmm... So nice. So grateful! 

8 Things That Don't Annoy Me In A Yoga Class (that could annoy me outside of one)

Here are 8 things that Dont Annoy Me in A Yoga Class, that could annoy me outside of one):