30 Day Yoga Challenge!

When I started Moksha yoga a couple of months ago, I would day dream about going there everyday, heck I fantasize about moving in there––permanently!

This challenge is SO perfect!

Everyday for 30 days I get to do yoga with an amazing group of people, in an amazing, supportive, beautiful smelling atmosphere!


I am loving this. My mind, body and soul are up to this challenge!

Not only am I excited about the strength and flexibility my body will gain with doing a regular, intense practise everyday (because, I have been skipping days (and some weeks!) here and there over my yoga life lol), and I am expecting my mind to go through its own transformation, but it is said that a habit is formed and becomes ritual after 24 days– so I am looking forward to dedicating myself to daily practice and keeping it going long after the 30 days. This is a nice, sweet kick in the tush. 

And for an added bonus: I am connecting with people and making friends along the way, something I need more of in my life! 

Day 2 was today...  mmm... So nice. So grateful! 

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