wish I could download Sanskrit into my brain with a click of a button.
 It baffles me how so many people in the local yoga community can use the terms. I hardly know the names of the poses in English, I feel reincarnations away from knowing them in Sanskrit.

I can't seem to absorb it, I guess I'm too busy being impressed by the people who can speak it to really open my mind to actually learning.

I've never exactly been a "fast learner". Especially other languages and math. 
After all the years around my French learning daughter, her school work, the CDs I listened to for months (ok weeks), and the course I did in university, I still can't really say much more than the alphabet and to ask to use the bathroom in French.
And french has so many similarities to english, Sanskrit is so different! Eight syllables to one, it seems. 
Chatarungaduddasana... Or whatever...(translation: low push-up)... is the only one I seem close to getting (and I would never say that in front of people, because I know I'd say it wrong.) (but here I am pretending to spell it.)

I tried to learn that beautiful language while doing my yoga teacher training but didn't seem to retain a word of it. I have heard a lot of the words repeatedly, yet my brain just cant catch up enough to make my mouth move in those ways. Reading Sanskrit confuses me even more, and I have yet to find a good source online.

I think I need to find a Sanskrit tutor. 
Or move to India for a couple of decades.

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